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Changing the fire alarm system of the retirement home “Trade Winds Terrace”, Merritt, BC

March 2, 2020

Trade Winds Terrace

Managed by ASK Wellness, Trade Winds Terrace is a retirement home located in Merritt BC and offers residence independent living options as well as a variety of amenities and services.

When their discontinued system died overnight, they reached out to the team at Phoenix Fire to complete the emergency replacement. Thanks to the inventory they had on-hand and their prompt response, Phoenix Fire was able to provide them with Maple Armor fire alarm solutions and same-day service!

The new system now includes the FW106 fire alarm control panel as well as the FW122 compact annunciator, Maple Armor’s FW511 smoke detectors and FW521 heat detectors, the FW721 manual stations, the FW962 Horn/Strobes, and FW971 horns. The alarm system also required the FW811 Input Module, the FW831 Relay Module, and the FW851 Isolator Module.

The alarm system installation was completed over two days by two technicians. They did not run into any issues or delays. Despite their initial reservations about our line given their unfamiliarity with our products, we’ve received some awesome feedback from the electrical contractor who’s trust and confidence in our alarm system products grew as he worked through our spacious cabinet and liked how easy our alarm modules were to work with!

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