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Fire alarm installation in Théberge Street, Terrebonne, Quebec

March 25, 2020

Nouvelle installation d'alarme incendie par Maple Armor au bâtiment 400,Rue Théberge, Terrebonne

The city of Terrebonne holds over 100,000 residents making it the 10th most important city in the province of Quebec. Terrebonne possesses all the necessary attributes to offer its citizens a unique lifestyle where sustainable development is a key driver to their growth.

When the Terrebonne Firefighters completed the building’s annual inspection, they realized that the ULC95 code was not being adhered to and the system needed to be brought up-to-code. The teams at Eclipse Electrique and Sicura were tasked with the upgrade and trusted Maple Armor for its cost-effective and intelligent fire alarm systems.

Now up-to-code, the system features Maple Armor’s FW106 control panel as well as the FW122 compact annunciator, the FW511 smoke detector, the FW521 heat detector, the FW721 manual station, and the FW971 horn. The alarm system also required the FW831 Relay and FW851 Isolator Modules.

The installation was completed by three fire alarm technicians who got the job done in one day. They did not run into any issues or difficulties during the alarm system installation. We’ve gotten some amazing feedback from the client who is very happy and satisfied with their new system that is now up and running smoothly and who was very impressed with the alarm installation’s speedy execution.

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