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Fire alarm installation for « the Société des Alcools », Québec

March 2, 2020


The Société des Alcools du Québec, simply known as SAQ, is a government corporation whose mandate is to sell alcoholic beverages and whose mission is to provide superior service to the Quebec public by offering a broad range of quality products.

The SAQ at Brossard’s busy corner of Taschereau and Pelletier boulevards urgently needed to change their broken fire control panel. Our partners at Safety First were tasked with this responsibility. The SAQ’s existing conventional panel was replaced with a brand-new Maple Armor FW106 intelligent addressable Control Panel. Furthermore, horns were replaced, and a manual station was also installed.

The retrofit system consisted of heat detectors, smoke detectors, smoke ducts, horns, and manual stations. Due to the ease of installation of our products, this particular fire alarm installation took a mere 8 hours to complete.

Maple Armor provided Safety First fire alarm system with cost effective options to fit their project’s needs. We’ve received positive feedback from the SAQ who have confirmed that their panel was installed flawlessly and has been successfully up and running without any issues.

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