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Servicing and Replacing Frequent Fire Alarm System for Takumi BBQ and Ramen Restaurant

January 22, 2021

Takumi BBQ and Ramen - Case Study

Takumi BBQ and Ramen Restaurant

Takumi BBQ and Ramen is a friendly neighborhood restaurant that offers an authentic Japanese barbecue experience. It allows its patrons to sit around a table with a BBQ grill right in the centre. With a selection of different thinly sliced cuts of meat, its diners can enjoy a variety of bite-sized and shareable options in a fun and casual setting. When Takumi moved into their new space in Mississauga, ON, they experienced frequent fire alarm system failures that urgently needed servicing. Our partners at FSS Canada were commissioned to fix the issue. Upon inspection, they realized that the failing system needed to be replaced. The system itself, however, was obsolete and no longer met code requirements. As a result, they were able to position Maple Armor as the ideal fire alarm solution for its innovative and cost-effective alarm products. The new fire alarm system now includes Maple Armor’s flagship FW106 control panel; the FW721 pull stations; the FW962 horn/strobes; and required the FW811 input module. We are pleased to hear that the installation and verification was done smoothly. The system has been up and running flawlessly.

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