Partial List of Case Studies

Built in 1961, the Polson Park Free Methodist Church is a thriving faith community in the heart of Kingston. They bring together families and individuals journeying together to become a community of love. The Church is very engaged in its community. From buying and distributing Christmas gifts to children, to distributing personal care items to the homeless, or taking hot breakfasts to people in shelters on New Years Day, they strive to make the love of God very practical and real in Kingston.

The Church needed to change their existing addressable fire alarm panel as a result of a central processing unit fault. The system was replaced with Maple Armor’s FW106 addressable panel by our partners at Oosterhof Electrical Services. Furthermore, the system now features Maple Armor’s FW511 smoke detectors, FW521 heat detector, FW721 manual stations, the FW811 Input Module, the FW851 Isolator Module. By retrofitting the panel, we were able to save the client money by using the existing horn strobes.

Thanks to Maple Armor’s user-friendly and easy to install systems as well as Oosterhof Electrical Services’ expertise, the installation only took one day and was completed by three technicians without any difficulties or delays.

We are so grateful to be Polson Park’s Methodist Church’s first choice in fire safety so that they can have the peace of mind to continue spreading love within their community.

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CLSC’s are free clinics run and maintained by the provincial government of Quebec. Launched in the 1970’s after significant reforms in the health and social services brought about during the Quiet Revolution, CLSC’s provide front-line health services and assistance programs for families, newborns, young mothers, adolescents, seniors, and adults in need.

When the CLSC in St-Remi needed to replace its old existing panel and deficient notification devices, Maple Armor was able to provide the most costeffective solutions! The old conventional system was changed to addressable and installed by the team at Alpha Integration. The new system now includes Maple Armor’s FW106 panel, FW122 annunciator, FW511 Smoke Detectors, FW521 Heat Detectors, FW721 Manual stations, FW971 white Horns, and FW962 white horn/ strobes. It now also includes Maple Armor’s FW811 Input module, FW831 Relay Module, and FW851 Isolator Module

Despite earlier delays, Maple Armor’s team of Senior Technicians was able to assist the Alpha Integration team to complete the installation as quickly as possible. The new fire alarm system was up and running in four days.

We’ve received great feedback from the customer who is super happy with the new panel and has confirmed that everything is up and running flawlessly.

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The city of Terrebonne holds over 100,000 residents making it the 10th most important city in the province of Quebec. Terrebonne possesses all the necessary attributes to offer its citizens a unique lifestyle where sustainable development is a key driver to their growth.

When the Terrebonne Firefighters completed the building’s annual inspection, they realized that the ULC95 code was not being adhered to and the system needed to be brought up-to-code. The teams at Eclipse Electrique and Sicura were tasked with the upgrade and trusted Maple Armor for its cost-effective solutions.

Now up-to-code, the system features Maple Armor’s FW106 control panel as well as the FW122 compact annunciator, the FW511 smoke detector, the FW521 heat detector, the FW721 manual station, and the FW971 horn. The system also required the FW831 Relay and FW851 Isolator Modules.

The installation was completed by three technicians who got the job done in one day. They did not run into any issues or difficulties during the installation. We’ve gotten some amazing feedback from the client who is very happy with their new system that is now up and running smoothly and who was very impressed with the installation’s speedy execution.

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Value Village is a thrift retailer offering great quality, gently used clothing, accessories, and household goods. As a purpose-driven company, their business model of purchasing, reselling, and recycling help keep more than 700 million pounds of used goods away from landfills every year. Indeed, small yet impactful decisions can make a world of difference for our planet.

When the Ellice Avenue location, in Winnipeg, experienced a failure on their existing but discontinued panel, the management team was left with no choice but to replace their entire system. The team at SI Alarms were tasked with this responsibility and they trusted Maple Armor’s products for the new system.

The existing notification devices on the system were left intact saving the client time and money. The new system includes Maple Armor’s FW106 control panel, the FW721 manual station, and it required the FW811 Input Module.

Despite the OEM solutions on the system, the installation was completed in one day, without any issues or delays, by one technician. We’ve gotten some great feedback from the owner who absolutely loves the look of his new panel!

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The award-winning General Truck Center in Mathuen, Massachusetts, has been selling and repairing commercial trucks for its customers since 1924. Dedicated to taking care of their customers and doing right by them, their knowledgeable and helpful team of ASE certified technicians specialize in Isuzu and Hino trucks.

When their existing four zone conventional panel died, they contacted the team at ECI Systems for their replacement. As a lot of their equipment was antiquated and needed upgrading, the benefits of an addressable system were detailed, and a Maple Armor system proved to be the ideal solution!

Their new system includes Maple Armor’s FW106 control panel, the FW511 smoke detector, the FW521 heat detector, and the FW721 manual station. To save the client money, the existing notification circuits remained intact. The system also features Maple Armor’s FW811M mini input module.

Their new system includes Maple Armor’s FW106 control panel, the FW511 smoke detector, the FW521 heat detector, and the FW721 manual station. To save the client money, the existing notification circuits remained intact. The system also features Maple Armor’s FW811M mini input module.

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The GameTime Indoor Playground and Sports Centre in Edmonton aims to offer its guests of all ages the chance to enjoy their recreation and amusement services in a safe and fun-filled environment. With amenities such as an indoor playground, crazy Go-Kart, arcade games, and an indoor basketball court, at GameTime Indoor Playground and Sports Centre, their goal is to ensure that their guests have the best time!

When they took over as the new tenants, it was advised upon inspection that a new fire alarm system would need to be installed for their system to be brought up to code. In order to do so, they trusted Maple Armor’s product line for its modern aesthetic and innovative features. Their new system includes Maple Armor’s FW106 addressable control panel, the FW511 smoke detector, the FW521 heat detector, the FW721 manual stations, the FW962 Horn/Strobes. The new system also features the FW811 Input Module and the FW831 Relay Module. The system also required a duct detector which we were able to provide via OEM solutions.

Given the nature of the project where the electrical wiring needed to be redone in tandem with the fire alarm system installation, the fire alarm installation was completed over one month by two technicians. The installations itself went very smoothly and the technicians did not run into any issues or delays.

With their new Maple Armor fire alarm system up and running, we are so happy that the GameTime Indoor Playground and Sports Centre just get to focus on the fun!

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In 1982, the Gananoque Canoe Club was purchased and converted into a 360-seat theatre. Located directly on the banks of the St. Lawrence River in Gananoque, Ontario, the Thousand Islands Playhouse produces a broad repertoire of both classic and contemporary plays including Canadian and international works. As host of one of the top-five summer festivals in Ontario, the Thousand Islands Playhouse strives to enrich and contribute to the community in which they work as well as the Canadian theatre community as a whole.

The playhouse encountered a Central Processing Unit fault on their existing Chubb Edward’s conventional QuickStart system which required an entire system replacement. The new addressable system included Maple Armor’s FW106 panel which was installed to recess into the wall to maximize its subtlety. FW511 smoke detectors, the FW721 manual stations, as well as the FW851 isolator module.

Given the user-friendliness of Maple Armor’s systems, the replacement was completed within one day by three technicians without any delays or difficulties.

With almost 50,000 attending guests every year, we are so pleased to be the Thousand Island Playhouse’s first choice in fire safety.

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Founded in 1997, Nutri-Pea manufactures pea protein, starch and fiber that are oftentimes used in nutritional bars, bread, cereal. Located in Portage la Prairie, Manitoba, their commercial manufacturing facility needed to replace its old conventional fire alarm system and accommodate its recent expansion. Maple Armor’s addressable fire alarm system proved to be the best solution.

The retrofit system now includes Maple Armor’s FW511 smoke detectors and FW521 heat detectors, the FW721 manual pull stations, the FW962 horn/strobes, and the FW982 strobes.

Given the nature and purpose of the facility, certain areas of the manufacturing plant required moisture proof horn/strobes and weather-proof pull stations. Maple Armor was able to provide 3rd party products to fulfill our customer’s needs and incorporated it to its system thanks to our FW811 Input module. The system also includes Maple Armor’s FW831 relay module and FW851 isolation module.

Thanks to our dear partners at SI Alarms, this installation, which began in June 2019 and was completed in August 2019, was completed without any issues pertaining to the fire alarm system.

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Located on a dramatic headland above the crashing waves of the Pacific Ocean, Black Rock Oceanfront Resort is surrounded by the Wild Pacific Trail and the rugged rocky coast of West Vancouver Island’s amazing beaches, forests, restaurants, and attractions, including Pacific Rim National Park, Long Beach, Ucluelet Aquarium, and Barkley Sound.

The resort required a new fire alarm system for their newly constructed Employee residences and sought the services and expertise of Phoenix Fire and Maple Armor’s products to provide them with the ideal fire protection solutions.

Their new system included Maple Armor’s complete line of products FW106 control panel, FW122 annunciator, FW511 photoelectric smoke detector, FW521 heat detector, FW721 manual stations, FW962 horn strobe, and FW982 strobe. Furthermore, the FW811 Input Module, FW831 Relay Module, and FW851 Isolator Module were also installed.

The installation was completed in three days without any difficulties or issues. We have received such positive feedback from the customer who loves the look of the panel and how well made it is. We are also so pleased to hear back from our partners who commended us on how easy to install our systems are. We always strive to provide our partners and customers with the best fire protection solutions based on their needs and are ecstatic to hear their testimonies of flawless installations.

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Selkirk Avenue began as the “heart” of the North End neighborhood in Winnipeg, with its extensive range and concentration of retail offerings and clothing stores. Today, Selkirk Avenue continues to feature many unique and ethnic offerings. Furthermore, an increasing number of education and training centres have appeared alongside award-winning murals and sculptures by Indigenous and international artists.

When the owners of the commercial building located at 563-565 Selkirk Avenue decided to renovate their property, this included the replacement of their existing fire alarm system. They trusted Maple Armor’s innovative and cost-effective solutions to modernize their building.

This new system includes Maple Armor’s FW106 Control panel, FW122 annunciator, FW511 photoelectric smoke detectors, FW521 heat detectors configured for both fixed and rate-ofrate detection, FW721 manual stations, an FW811 input module, FW831 relay modules, FW962 horn-strobe, and FW982 strobe.

The installation was completed without any issues whatsoever. The electrical contractor who completed the installation loved how easy the system was to configure. We have also received amazing feedback from the engineers who designed the system. We certainly look forward to becoming their number one choice for future projects.

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Located in Saint-Romuald, QC, the Notre-Dame-D’Etchemin school and its faculty is known for its professionalism, dynamism, and innovation. The school prides itself in providing a fascinating environment that stimulates their students’ desire to learn and encourages them to continuously better themselves.

Their educational mission is to prepare their students to become the responsible and autonomous citizens of tomorrow. Their curriculum is based on fundamental values such as respect, cooperation, and the development of their students’ full potential.

When the Notre-DameD’Etchemin school of the Navigator School Board needed to replace their defective control panel, they trusted Maple Armor’s products and Safety First’s expertise to get the job done.

The school’s defective control panel was replaced with Maple Armor’s FW106 intelligent addressable control panel. Furthermore, manual stations, heat detectors, smoke detectors, horns, and horn/strobes were also installed. This installation was completed in 12 hours without any delays or complications.

We have received such amazing feedback not only from the NotreDame-D’Etchemin school but also from the Navigator School board. We very much look forward to working closely with the Navigator School Board and Safety First for their upcoming projects. In providing cost-effective and reliable options, we trust that Maple Armor will be their primary choice for intelligent fire alarm systems henceforth.

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The engineers at 3-Phase Electrical LTD pride themselves on the high calibre of work they produce, their attention to detail, and always ensuring that all work is performed to the highest possible standards. Their success is attributed to understanding their customers needs and continuously exceeding their expectations.

Their project consisted in installing a new fire alarm system to the newly added building extension. The commercial building located a few minutes away from downtown Winnipeg required the new installation before tenant occupancy. Due to the nature of the endeavour, the system took two days to install and was completed without any issues or delays.

Maple Armor’s intelligent Fire Alarm Control Panel FW106 was installed. The new system consisted of manual stations, Horn/Strobes, and input modules. Furthermore, isolator modules and sync modules were also installed.

The installation was completed by our partners at SI Alarms LTD. who were completing their first project using Maple Armor products. This project was seen as the perfect opportunity for SI Alarms LTD. to get exposure to the Maple Armor line of products. We have received tremendous feedback from the team regarding the quality of the procedural and technical support provided by our team of engineers throughout the project. Naturally, the system’s addressable features needed to be programmed and our team of engineers were able to provide crystal clear instructions when needed as to make the installation as smooth and seamless as possible.

The feedback we received has been overwhelmingly positive. SI Alarms’ first installation could not have gone any smoother and they cannot wait for their next Maple Armor installation. We have also received a positive response from the engineers at 3-Phase Electrical LTD who absolutely love the panel.

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Club16 Trevor Linden Fitness provides an exceptional fitness community for everybody, regardless of age, gender, or fitness level and understand the importance of fitness in people’s lives. In addition to providing an inclusive environment for all gym-goers, they actively seek out the best in people and are wholeheartedly devoted to their work.

With several existing locations and ever expanding, Club16 Trevor Linden Fitness renovated an old sports warehouse for its new Langley location. In the spirit of modernizing their facility, they trusted our partners at Phoenix Fire Prevention to replace the existing 30-yearold defective control panel. It was replaced with Maple Armor’s FW106 intelligent addressable control panel. The retrofit installation also included Maple Armor’s annunciator along with Maple Armor’s horn/strobes, smoke detectors, and manual stations.

The installation was completed and brought up to code by one technician over a two-day period and was done so without complications or delays.

We have received amazing feedback regarding our products. Specifically, we have received positive comments regarding the size of our panel which allows more room for the technicians to operate within, how aesthetically pleasing and discreet our annunciator is, and how simple the system is to install. We are so happy to hear these success stories from our dear partners and satisfied customers.

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