FW982 – Notification Appliance Multi Candela Strobe

The FW962 Horn Strobe and FW982 Strobe are a family of multi-candela visual and/or audible signal appliances with light sources generated from white Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs), listed according to UL 1971, UL 1638, UL 464, ULC-S525, and ULC-S526 for indoor use. The LED light source offers superior performance, including low power consumption and long operating life. Five levels of light output are selectable. The default setting is highest level. Figure 1 shows relative light outputs in horizontal and vertical dispersion from strobes mounted on walls. 

The strobe appliances produce a flash rate of one flash per second over the Regulated Voltage Range. The temporal tone generated by the horn portion is designed as per ANSI and NFPA72 for standard emergency evacuation signaling requirement. 

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Technical Specifications

Operating Voltage 16 to 33 VDC
Operating Current @24VDC (mA, RMS) 130cd 105cd 85cd 50cd 35cd 20cd
FW962 125 105 70 48 37
130cd 105cd 85cd 50cd 35cd 20cd
Sound Level

85.6 at Reverberant
97.2 Anechoic
Effective Light (cd) 160, 30, 110, 70, 50, 30
Operating Temperature 0° Cto49° C (32° Fto120° F)
Operating Humidity 0to93% RH
Horn Pattern Temporal3
Strobe Pattern 1 flash per second
Wire Size 12to18 AWG
Location Indoor walls
Compatible Model FW951 Sync Module, FW106 FACP

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