MA1100 - Weatherproof Enclosure

MA 1100

Weatherproof Annunciator Enclosure
The weatherproof annunciator enclosure MA1100 is supplied with a heating element used for outdoor applications.
MA1100 - Weatherproof Enclosure
Case Studies Dominican University College

Dominican University College

Replacement of failed fire protection system

Case Studies - Lizzy Bay Homes

Lizzy Bay Homes

Fire Prevention System Installation

Weatherproof Enclosure

The MA1100 surface wall box is designed to be used with the FW123 and FW129 annunciators. The wall box is resistant to temperatures ranging from -40 to 49° C.



The FW122 LCD annunciator can be used with the enclosure. Up to 109 annunciators can be addressed by the communication circuit.

UL/ULC Approved

UL/ULC listed – See datasheet for more details.


Power Usage

It can be used with either of two 20W (120VCA or 24VCA/VCC) heating options that activate at 1° C and deactivate 17° C.

  • Lockable cabinet (Key)
  • Front protective glass
  • Auto-control heating system
  • CSA SPE-1000 Approval
  • CAN/ULC-S527 Approval

Datasheet and Installation Manuals

Case Studies / Projects

Customer Support

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MA1100 Weatherproof Enclosure

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