FireWatcher 122 Remote LCD Annunciator

The FW121 FireWatcher is an intelligent remote annunciator designed to be used with the FW106 FireWatcher.  The LCD can display 8 events at a time. Users can browse more events by pressing the up/down buttons until the first event or last event message is reached. 

Events are displayed according to the following rules:
1. Events priority: Alarm > Supervisory > Trouble > Other Signal > Output
2. Within events of the same priority, all events are displayed in order of occurrence, the latest being displayed first. However, the sequence of alarm event is configurable.

The FW121 is connected to the FW106 via the external network to form a fire emergency detection and notification network system. Up to four FW121 can be addressed by the communication circuit. An additional 24VDC auxiliary power supply is required.

The 7″ display shows up to 8 lines at a time.

  Download Datasheet FW122   Download Datasheet FW121


  • Digital signal processor based design
  • UL / ULC listed
  • Fully configurable from the panel with password protection.
  • 24v DC operation
  • Up to 4 Annunciators for each panel
  • Large 7″ LCS display with 800×480 resolution
  • Available in Red or White.

The  AMI is the main control unit of FW121 panel, which integrates the CPU board, 4 Signal status LEDs, 5 system status LEDs, 4 navigation buttons and 1 enter button, 6 functionality buttons and a buzzer. Includes: CPU board, LCD, Keypad, LED, buzzer, etc

XNU address is set by the rotary switch on the board. The FW106 control panel communicates with up to four FW121 annunciators. Circuit topology support is Class B. The network sugnal is isolated and repeated at each node.

FireWatcher UL Listed FireWatcher ULC Listed