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New Fire Alarm Modules

Maple Armor is dedicated to providing the best quality fire alarm technology as we constantly invest in intelligent fire alarm systems and solutions.

Our Fire Alarm Devices family keep expanding, and we are pleased to announce the production of the new Fire Alarm Modules (FW841 & FW812). These new modules is part of our continuous effort to improve life safety tools:

Conventional Zone Module FireWatcher 841 

The FW841 conventional zone module is intended to allow Maple Armor intelligent fire alarm control panels to interface and monitor 2-wire conventional detectors in retrofit applications.

Dual Input Module FireWatcher 812

The FW812 dual input module supports two Class B input circuits, each of which is able to monitor a dry contact device. The input line is monitored for open line faults and ground faults, and the contact must thus be wired with an end-of-line resistor

FireWatcher Collection

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