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Cost-effective Fire Safety Solution for SmartCentres in Toronto

January 19, 2021

Maple Armor Fire Alarm Device Case Study - SmartCentres Toronto

SmartCentres Toronto

Founded in 1989, SmartCentres Real Estate Investment Trust is one of Canada’s largest fully integrated REITs with 166 properties across the country. It continues to focus on enhancing the lives of Canadians by planning and developing complete, connected, mixed-use communities on its existing retail properties. From shopping centres to city centres, SmartCentres is uniquely positioned to reshape the Canadian urban and suburban landscape. The property management team responsible for the Eglington Avenue location in Toronto reached out to our partners at Fire Safety Solutions Canada for their expertise when the existing fire alarm panel kept failing. Upon inspection, it became apparent that a new system needed to be installed. The team at Fire Safety Solutions Canada were able to present Maple Armor’s innovative solutions. Our cost-effective and user-friendly Fire Alarm products proved to be ideal for their new system. The new system now includes Maple Armor’s FW106S compact one-loop control panel and the FW511 smoke detectors. The system also features the FW811 input module and FW811M mini module as well as the FW851 isolator module. We are happy to hear that the fire alarm system installation and verification were completed successfully. The SmartCentres property management team is happy that their new system has been up-and-running flawlessly. A huge thanks to the Fire Safety Solutions Canada team for a job well done! 

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