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Addressable fire alarm system installation for the 1000 Island Playhouse, Ontario

March 25, 2020


1000 Island Playhouse

In 1982, the Gananoque Canoe Club was purchased and converted into a 360-seat theatre. Located directly on the banks of the St. Lawrence River in Gananoque, Ontario, the Thousand Islands Playhouse produces a broad repertoire of both classic and contemporary plays including Canadian and international works. As host of one of the top-five summer festivals in Ontario, the Thousand Islands Playhouse strives to enrich and contribute to the community in which they work as well as the Canadian theatre community as a whole.

The playhouse encountered a Central Processing Unit fault on their existing Chubb Edward’s conventional QuickStart fire alarm system which required an entire system replacement. The new addressable fire system included Maple Armor’s FW106 alarm control panel which was installed to recess into the wall to maximize its subtlety. FW511 smoke detectors, the FW721 manual pull stations, as well as the FW851 isolator module.

Given the user-friendliness of Maple Armor’s fire alarm systems, the replacement was completed within one day by three technicians without any delays or difficulties.

With almost 50,000 attending guests every year, we are so pleased to be the Thousand Island Playhouse’s first choice in fire safety.

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